Fachada de la notaría en Barcelona

Located on the corner of Paseo de San Juan and Diagonal de Barcelona

Jesús Gómez Taboada’s Notary

Preparation, authorization, and advice on legal matters and documents.
Civil, commercial, and real estate law.

A notary is a public official and professional whose mission is to prepare and authorize various legal documents. A notary enables clients to formalize legal documents, provides them with the information they need to make appropriate decisions, and advises them on the civil and fiscal consequences of the inquiries.

We handle many cases including:

a) Documents relating to civil status or incapacity, including powers of attorney, disputes, and wills.

b) Various contracts relating to purchases, collateralized and uncollateralized loans, donations, leases, and other financial agreements.

c) Civil matters including marriages, prenuptial agreements, matrimonial capitulations, divorces, separations, and tutor assignments.

d) Documents relating to declarations of heirship and succession, testaments, wills, and inheritances European succession certificate, acceptance or resignation of inheritance.

e) Amendments to real estate documents, proof of ownership (registration of estates, declaration of new building lots, aggregations, groupings, and divisions).

f) Authorization of general records witnessed by the notary.

g) Verification of signatures and testimonies of public and private nature.

h) Accreditation of applicable law according to international and foreign private law.

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