Areas of Expertise

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Credit institution policies:
- Personal and secured loans
- Bank overdrafts
- Leases
- Loan guarantees and counter-guarantees
- Banking claims (discounts)


Civil Law

A) Individuals and families:
- Powers of attorney; Special and general powers; Powers of incapacitation (preventive).
- Appointment of tutor
- Anticipated wills
- Prenuptial agreements
- Marriages
- Divorces
- Formalization of de-facto couples
- Emancipations
B) Successions
- Wills
- Succession agreements
- Declaration of heirship

- Acceptance and renunciation of inheritances
- Inherited Partitions
- European Certificate of Succession
- Certificates (reports) on the national or foreign law applicable to the succession
C) Contracts
- Purchases & Sales
- Mortgage and personal loans
- Trades and swaps
- Leases
- Purchase Options
- Contractual rights (usufruct, easements, and servitude).


Business law

- Creation and dissolution of companies
- Sales of shares
- Appointment of directors
- Mercantile powers
- Increases and decreases in capital
- Mergers and divestitures of firms
- Statutory amendments
- General notary proceedings


Mortgage Law

- Declaration of building lots (new and old)
- Horizontal Divisions
- Separations, partitions, groupings, and aggregations of property
- Excess of fit
- Registration of property
- Land registration process


Records and Validations

- Records of presence
- Records of manifestations
- Records of deposit
- Testimonies of documents
- Signature validations