Jesús Gómez Taboada

Jesús Gómez Taboada

I. Notary

Jesús Gómez Taboada (Verín, Orense, 1965) graduated from the University of Salamanca having studied Law. In 1995, he obtained his title as Notary in Madrid, Spain. Currently he works in Barcelona and has previously served in Panes (Asturias) and Tordera (Barcelona).

He is also a member of the international section of the General Council of Notaries and serves as the Director of the Ibero-American Yearbook of Notary Law.

II. Institutions and Associations

He is a member of the Observatory of Private Law of Catalonia, the Association of International Legal Studies, the Spanish Association of Fiscal Advisers and the Catalan Association of Specialists in Succession Law.

In 2007, he served as a member of the Committee of Experts that revised Project of Book IV (Successions) of the Civil Code of Catalonia.

III. Academia

At the International University of Catalonia, he serves as a Professor teaching classes in Civil Law and other related master’s level classes. He also teaches a master's class in Private Law in Catalonia at the Barcelona Association of Lawyers.

He has been a visiting Professor at the following Universities: University of Barcelona, University of ​​Lleida, King Juan Carlos University of Madrid, University of Havana, Catholic University (Lima), University Santa Maria of Arequipa, University Externado of Bogotá, and University of Medellín.

He has also trained notaries at the Barcelona Academy.

IV. Conferences

As a Spanish Speaker, he has participated in several international conventions and seminars: Lima, 2000; Mendoza, 2004; Fortaleza, 2005; Puerto Rico, 2006; Argel, 2008; Cartagena de Indias, 2008; Madrid, 2012; Buenos Aires, 2013; Havana, 2014.

V. Publications

He has authored three books:

A) Succession Law in Catalonia. Lex Nova 2012.

B) Notarial Practice and Civil Law. Lex Nova. 2012.

C) 'Practicum' of Successions, Thomson Reuters, July 2016.

He has also published several works and doctrinal articles, primarily in the field of notaries and in private and international civil law.